How to Achieve Financial Freedom

By Rory Singh

Financial freedom is something that everyone is deserving of. The only reason that most people do not find themselves in a financially free position is because most people are not looking for it. Most people are just settling for a lot less than they are worth.

Inflation has caused Billions of people to be displaced financially. Some of them are doing something about it while many are only "hoping" that things will change magically on there own.

Before I get in on how to find financial freedom, let's look at the 4 main things that most people do that simply will not work:

  1. Working Harder
  2. Working Longer
  3. Saving
  4. Financial Advice

Working Harder:

Working harder at a job or business can make you a little more income but not enough to become wealthy.

Working Longer:

Working longer can definitely make more income if you get paid by the hour but how many hours will it take to become financially free? There are only 24 hours in a day & there is only so much that you can do on your own.


Saving is unfortunately not going to make you any richer. It will only tell your subconscious mind that you are focused on lack causing you to remain in a poverty conscious mind set for a very long time.

Please do not get me wrong. I am not saying to not try to stretch your dollars further but instead to not focus so much on lack instead of prosperity.

Financial Advice:

Most people will rely on the banks to give them advice. The banks are the worst place to get advice from.

Think about this for a minute. You want to purchase a home for your loving family & decide to borrow money from the bank to do this. They then lend you the money but give you a 25 or 30 year term to pay it back. In that 30 years you would have given them up to 3 times what you borrowed. Let us say that you wanted to purchase a home for $200,000. At the end of the 30 year term you would have given them around $600,000 in order to pay off your mortgage.

You are better off to ask a casino for advice than a bank because the casino only wants your money while you are there visiting. The bank wants your money for life.

Most people will also consult friends & family for financial advice. This can be very bad for your financial health if your advisor is just over broke like the rest of the population. It is okay to seek financial advice but take heed of the advisors position first. This is the same in the banks. Most of the people working in the banks today are not much better off than the general population.

I will give you an example:

Let's say a man who was used to making $100,000 per year thought that he should learn how to invest it wisely to become wealthy. He then drove his brand new Lincoln Navigator to his local bank to meet his financial advisor. His financial advisor who drove a 7 year old Chevy Pick up truck advised him to invest his money wisely in Mutual Funds because they are safe. Do you see the irony in this situation?

I know someone who was told the same thing by his financial advisor. He invested $150,000 of his retirement money (his nest egg) & lost the whole lot. He is 75 years of age & has been forced out of his retirement due to this down turn in life.

Well enough of the doom & gloom. It is never too late to turn any situation around especially your financial situation.

In order to become wealthy & financially free you have to first start thinking like the wealthy do.

Here are 5 ways to become financially free:

  1. Mindset
  2. Income Goal
  3. Timing
  4. Opportunity
  5. Commitment


You must begin thinking like the wealthy do right now. Accept your current financial situation but tell your self that those days are over as of today. When looking at things that you desire stop telling your self that you can not afford them. Instead say to your self "I can be do & have anything that I truly DESIRE".

Income Goal:

Find out what financial freedom means to you & put that figure in numbers. Do not say something like "the sky's the limit" because this really means that you have no clue what you want. Have you ever tried to touch the sky? Find a realistic income goal & write it down.


Wouldn't now be the best time to turn your financial situation around? If you say something like "some time this year" then you have absolutely no idea when you are planning to make this money & may never get started. Do not worry about how you are going to achieve this. The "how" will come but first you must be open for change. Find out exactly when you plan to meet your income goal & write it down.


If you are open to making more income then opportunities will start presenting themselves to you. Look for something that can give you constant extra income without your constant extra effort (passive income). Keep your job or business if you can but expand your horizons. Find the right opportunity that can immediately increase your cash flow & give you residual income as well.


Make a commitment to your self today that you will stick to your guns long enough to get what you want. In order for you to become financially free you will have to take the road less travelled. You will have to spend time & money (our two most precious commodities). Remember that it is 100 percent possible for you to achieve anything that you desire just as long as you believe it. If you are only making $50,000 & desire to find a way to become a millionaire but have a hard time believing of the possibility, your desire can still come to life as long as it is strong enough.

If you really want something badly enough then it can come true if you give it a chance.

Millions of people are getting involved in the home based industry today as a way to become financially free.

Here are a few statistics:

  • Every week over 1 Million people search for a business online
  • 75,000 new people subscribe to the Internet daily
  • 100,000 new web sites are built daily
  • 125,000 people start a home business daily
  • 33 Percent of all new millionaires achieve it through a home
based business

This industry is a great way to build wealth because it offers a way to increase your immediate cash flow plus unlimited opportunities for passive income.

About the Author:

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